Hello, everyone! This is SHiN and welcome to my… uh… place where I write down amateur game and anime reviews, anime previews, first impressions, and some other random stuff. Basically when I’m bored, I just write down something here and go away. If you’re looking for professional reviews, etc., this is not the right place. Please be reminded that whatever I say here are my own personal opinions. If you don’t like my opinions, too bad for you!

Starting April, I will write down my first impressions for the upcoming Spring Anime Season 2011. Every now and then I will also do quick reviews on other anime shows. From OVAs to movies and to hentai. And uh… that’s about it.

See ya!

– SHiN


Let’s Play – Retro Games

Not the most original post title, but… Anyway! Tired of seeing TF2 all the time? I’m here to change all that! Starting next week, I’m going to record classic games and put them on YouTube. You will see me play the game from start to finish and write reviews about them. I will not do a commentary or anything though…

I can’t decide where to begin. Play Super Mario World from start to finish?

Mann vs Machine – New TF2 Co-op mode

Damn, those Tour of Duty tickets are expensive in trader servers… *ahem*

A couple of weeks ago, Valve release the Mann vs Machine update and it is a fun mode for TF2. It’s basically horde mode in other games where you hold off waves of enemies, upgrade your gear, get money dropped by the robots, and survive. Depending on the difficulty and the number of waves, each mission can last up to hours. It’s very fun on public servers, but if you want the harder versions and get rare loot along the way, Mann Up Mode is the best mode for you to enter.

Unfortunately, Mann Up Mode is not for free. You need a ticket to enter and to acquire this ticket, you have to purchase one in the Mann Co. Store at 0.99 USD. It’s not much, but you need at least six tickets to complete six Tour of Duty missions. You are guaranteed an item drop at each successful mission and you are guaranteed one Botkiller weapon after completing all six missions.

Personally, Mann Up mode is the best mode because it rewards you (sometimes it’s unfair because you spent one dollar and got a normal weapon after laboring hours in one mission), and you get to play with non-F2P’ers. I mean no offense, but it’s hard to complete a mission if the players are just there fooling around.

I spent a few days playing/grinding and I got myself a Botkiller minigun. I was a bit happy because I spent 12 refined metal and I got an item that is worth four crate keys. Plus I wanted a Botkiller sniper rifle or Botkiller medigun, and the item drops suck. I didn’t get any of those hats after playing a few times. ;_;

I’m in my second Tour of Duty and as of this writing, I completed two out of six missions. And I ran out of tickets… It will be a long wait until these tickets will drop in prices. ;_;

Source Filmmaker Beta GET!!!

I got this after I logged in today. Neat!

– SHiN

I actually earned money in Diablo 3

I sold a Nightmare-entry item for 15 dollars. I’m not too familiar with the pricing of each item. It’s unlike TF2 where there are many sources you can price check. Here… I just guess.

The auction house is probably the current reason I’m going back to the world of Diablo.

TF2 – More hats, less game

I admit I spend more time trading for hats than playing the game. I made three alt accounts just to increase my chances of getting hats and metal to use. As of this writing I amassed 59 hats and 52 miscellaneous items (counting the badges, achievement stuff). I spent a few bucks though.

When I do play the game, I go to the only TF2 server in my country. I can’t say it’s a good server because it lags every few minute, they only support 48 players, and they have the tendency to kick you in favor of the server donors. Which sucks. I rarely play on other servers because it’s hard to play on a 250 ping environment. Unfortunately the server died and I have no place to play. 90% of my time is spent hanging on trade servers and do sniper duels.

Valve should provide dedicated servers to the players in Southeast Asia. Or I should move to the other side of the planet.

Also Meet the Pyro and update are fast approaching. It better be a she.

Diablo 3 – Preview

Before anything else, I’d like to point out that the screenshots were taken using FRAPS and the Steam client’s screen cap feature, so you may notice varying quality.

I played the hell out of Diablo 2 and its expansion – The Lord of Destruction a few years ago, and… uh… I didn’t actually played a lot out of it because the only class I played was the Assassin. It’s just personal preference, I don’t like the other class and their skills. The Barbarian is the token tank class who looks like the long-lost brother of Kratos, the Sorceress is a short brown girl from Mexico, the Amazon has tits bigger than her head, the Paladin is a black guy in a white armor (not being racist here), the Necromancer was kinda cool with his bone armor and preserved heads shields, and the Druid who… I dunno about him. The Assassin on the other hand is pretty cool. The character select screen where she comes forward and round house kick as you select her was pretty attractive and she has a good combination of melee and ranged attacks/spells. *ahem*

Unfortunately in Diablo 3, the six out of seven classes in Diablo 2 are absent. In Diablo 3, we have the Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor and Wizard… Which are… somewhat similar to the classes in Diablo 2. Anyways, on to the preview. Oh and before anything else, I played around half-way through Act 1 and I used the female Monk because… Because… I like her Russian accent and she’s quite similar to Diablo 2’s Assassin class.

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Vintage Weapons Dealer – Level Up?

Being a scrap banker has its limits and I stopped doing this after I exhausted myself. Well I’m back and this time I’m a Vintage Weapons Dealer. Basically I sell the same weapons (mostly achievement-obtained weapons) only with blue text. Yes, people still buy those. I don’t want to explain everything in detail so here’s the abridged version — I buy vintage weapons at 1-2 scrap metal each and sell them for 2-3 scrap each. With the income, I bought some cheap hats and rebuild them or build a hat using 3 refined metal. And these are the results as of today:

Here are some other hats I acquired not mentioned in the video. Some were traded and some were crafted.

Am I going to collect every hat and miscellaneous item out there? Not really. I’m planning to collect 4-5 hats per class, 3-4 miscs per class, and 4-5 all-class hats. If I get some more hats via drop or failed crafts, I’ll sell them or use them to rebuild hats. Will I buy an earbubs or unusual anytime soon? Not really, they’re too expensive even for me. Trading is exhausting, but I need to do it because, well, I need hats. I really should make alts and let them acquire the metal I need, so I can spend more time on servers other than trade servers…

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I also accept metal donations. =) Oh god, help me. ;_;